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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with a really extraordinary past – both ancient and recent. Its often-turbulent history has left its mark in the form of beautiful architecture and moving memorials. The cities dotted around the mountainous countryside are mostly small in size but big on charm. Comfortably nestled in scenic valleys, they are home to an extremely diverse and friendly people.

With about half of the country still covered in forest, outdoor activities are especially popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Vrbas river has world championship-level rafting while the calmer river Sana is great for fly-fishing. If you’re rather keep your feet dry, there are tons of great hiking routes, with plenty of peaks over 2,000 metres high.

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Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe, in the northeast part of the Balkan Peninsula. Its geographic location places the country on the crossroad between Europe, Asia and Africa. Bulgaria is a transport crossroad, affording access to Western Europe, the Near and the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. Bulgaria has many ports on Black Sea which provide connection with all other Black Sea countries and offer particularly excellent opportunities for the development of transport through the large bays that front Burgas and Varna. Another geographical advantage of Bulgaria is its connection with the 7th Pan-European transport corridor that leads to the Rhine River and the network of waterways that crisscross Western Europe.

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Our agency recently recruiting manpower for Croatia in Various position, We need only skilled and good in communication with English language. Experience Certificate and minimum education certificate are required. Please do contact directly to office,
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The State of Qatar is a sovereign and independent state in the Middle East, occupying a peninsula that juts into the Arabian Gulf. Since its complete independence from Britain in 1971, Qatar has emerged as one of the world’s most important producers of oil and gas. It is an Islamic State whose laws and customs follow the Islamic tradition. Since 2013, the country has been governed by HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

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